Friday, July 30, 2010


I am having a sanity day.
In other words, I am not studying. I have been studying every day for the past 4 weeks I think, and I've had enough. Munchkin has had a cold for over a week and this wee Mummy is exhausted. I am slurring my words. There have been quite a few nights lately in which I've had 3 or 4 hours of broken sleep. It does have a way of creeping up on you. I wonder how obvious it will be in the assignments I've been handing in??? Did 2 this past week, have another 3 plus a small test over the next 3 weeks. It is never-ending. Bring on summer break. It's only 17 weeks away for me! What an eternity that feels like. But then Munchkin is already 10 weeks old, and it's hard to believe he is growing so fast and the time has gone so quickly. People tell me this will get easier. I sincerely hope they are not lying.
We are off to the doctor to check on the cold again today. And I need to buy him more clothes...again. He outgrew all his newborn clothes at 8 weeks old, and I didn't get enough long sleeved singlets when I got him new clothes (and here I thought we'd not need more clothes until summer or autumn because we'd been given so many - yeah, the only issue is that they are all short sleeved things and he fits them now and it's still the middle of winter!!!). We are down to 2 pairs of bootees too - extras my mother-in-law made when we realised how quickly he was outgrowing his other ones. Keeping up with a growing baby is complicated!


MaxineD said...

Oh Dear - your introduction to motherhood is being rather eventful!!
Glad to know you have taken a Sanity Day - I am sure it will help get things into perspective.

I will knit more bootees - will just have to pace myself thanks to my wonky wrists.

A Blessed Life said...

Hello Amy,I just came by via Down to Earth and wanted to say congratulations on your new baby,and what a great job you are doing with studying and a new born! you are a champion,sleep deprivation is exhausting,just make sure you catch a little nap sometimes when he is sleeping,and it is lovely about your vegi patch as well.So good work and look after yourself sweetie.Carole

knutty knitter said...

We had the opposite problem - too small for decent shoes to learn to walk in, looked ridiculous in early sizes at a year old and never grew out of that early car seat until very late. Never did wear most of those lovely inbetween sizes that we mostly got 'because they grow so fast.'

14 years later is still very short but taller than me and still growing so there is hope he won't end up a complete dwarf.

They grow up so fast!

Hope the cold clears up ok.

viv in nz