Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Budgeting Blues

I've been feeling a bit down lately about the savings versus spending in our household. Our budget has been completely blown out of the water the past few months. I guess I should have expected that, but I did not. Call me naieve. I kind of underestimated how much having a baby was going to cost...plus there's the unexpected expenses like new clothes and portacot for Munchkin, which I bought brand new, horror of horrors.

I'd planned on buying most of our baby stuff second hand and until he was born, managed that fine. The change table and rocker are from a second hand store, the pram is from the Sallies (Salvos) store, most of his clothes were given second hand with a few bought from Save Mart (2nd hand clothing store) and topped up with new ones given as gifts. Since Munchkin was born though, many of my ideals have gone out the window. He's a tall boy, and outgrew his newborn clothes by 8 weeks. Plus the pram got too short to sleep him in the lounge during the day, and the borrowed capsule is also now too short so we have to install the 'big' carseat in the car this week...which means he can't just sleep in the carseat when we go places as once that hunking great thing is in the car it is so not comin out again!!! Hence the portacot. As I had a bazillion assignments due (okay, so I exaggerate, but it does feel like that many!), a baby with a cold, and very little free time or energy I went for the simplest option and bought new. I just didn't have what it took to do all the looking, checking, questioning, driving, and more looking required to buy secondhand items. Pity, as the saved money would have been good.

Add to that such things as vaporiser and snot-sucker for the cold, several dental bills for Boyo and I, and the fact that our diet is shocking so we've overspent in that area too, and you can see why I've been feeling a bit discouraged. I just have to remind myself that this is an incredibly stressful, unusual time in our lives. And as we don't plan on having 10 kids, it is probably okay that things are a bit crazy in the budget department at present. It is a season that shall pass.

We have to sort out our monthly budget today...it was supposed to be done last week and I've only just remembered, opps! I will need to remind myself frequently that we are actually doing okay. We have savings to help us through this period, we are all well and happy, and Munchkin will grow up so fast I'll probably wonder what I was fussing over.

Ever had the 'budgeting blues?' How did you get through them?



Leila said...

Hi Amy,

I saw your work area on Rhonda's blog and came over to say hello!

Congratulations on the baby!

I feel for you and your budget woes, but don't worry. When I feel the budget getting out of hand, I take a shower, clean up the house, and tackle my menus. You can read about menu planning on my blog if you come over to visit -- I find that food is the one expense I can control if I take the time to plan (all the info is on my sidebar and it's actually fun!).

Meanwhile, yes, having a baby costs a little up front, but remember, a baby hardly needs anything but a happy mom and dad!

Things will look up soon! God bless you!

MaxineD said...

Hi Amy,
I can remember those feelings - they sometimes happen even now.
I cannot remember any specific strategies that we employed, but I do remember always tithing, and never getting in to the financial doo doo, and that is what I believe took us through. God will never let you down, especially if you honour Him in and with all things.

Lisa said...

Budgeting blues is something of a regular occurance around here. We are really good for a bit then start slipping into a old routine! I have just started sticking post-its with our financial goals everywhere and its working! Also it helps if you deal in cash.

BTW I really like both of your work places!



Anonymous said...


I've just popped over from Down to earth.
Just keep telling yourself it will get better Then they become teenagers and it costs loads and loads!!
You are achieving so much and should be very proud of yourself. With a 4 week old baby I considered getting both of us dressed and putting a jacket potato in the microwave a good day.My babies are now 17 and 14 !

Also all the things I bought new (like you not many) turned out to be a good investment and you'll be able to sell it for more when you eventually don't need it !!

Once again congratulations and give your baby a lovely snuggle from the U.K

Lots os love
Penny Lewis XXXX

Little Bit said...

Understand the feeling - we're working through that also ;-)!

Michelle said...

Hi I have just found you through down to earth too and have a suggestion.
I have a friend who volunteers for Pregnancy Help in Taranaki I imagine there may be something similar in your area, you can get all sorts of things from them including clothing worth a try!
I am trying out a new system for me preplanned menus, hoping to save on our grocery bill. Not that easy when you have a family of four with three teenagers Lol!