Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am feeling inspired.

Yesterday I went and viewed the Operation Cover Up Blankets for the Tauranga area. They were on display at a local church before being packed into wool bales for shipping to orphanages in Europe today.

I just want to knit, and knit, and knit!!!

I had hoped to get my blanket finished in time, but sadly didn't quite make it. Somehow I managed to stuff up the number of squares, twice. So I ended up having to knit an extra 4 squares in a hurry. I'd run out of the wool I'd been using for my pattern too so had to improvise a bit with some plain white squares. I managed to get all the squares crocheted into their 8 strips, but have not gotten the strips crocheted together into the blanket. My back gave out on me. Study gripped me. My son needed me. You get the general idea. I just can't do everything. I was going to see if someone else could finish it off for me, but convinced myself I could get it done...there's something about completing a project like this myself. I still find it amazing that I have managed to finish a blanket every year for the past 5 years. Considering the scale of these projects, and my track history with large projects, it is quite amazing. I never used to be very good at finishing things. I have some patchwork squares somewhere still to prove it. But for some reason these blankets keep me motivated right the way through. I am still putting my current one together, it will just sadly have to wait another year before going to a child. Hopefully that means I will have 2 blankets to donate then. I am not holding my breath on this one, though. My free time has kind of disappeared in a whirlwind of study and baby! I do still need some more wool though...for those scarce moments when knitting is a soothing breather.

Anyway, I took photos of lots of the blankets as inspiration for future patterns. I was just blown away by how different and beautiful they all were. I thought I'd seen them all, only to discover that I'd just been looking at a select few put on display and there were bags upon bags of them in the hall next door!

Here are just a few of my favourites:

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MaxineD said...

Stunning - I missed the trip to take our group's to Taupo - they went down on Tuesday and did not let me know they were going :-(.

I also have developed OOS again so will not be knitting for a while :-( - I tried yesterday and suffered for it!