Sunday, August 22, 2010

Christmas Child Toys

My son is still sound asleep - very long sleep happening here, much to my surprise - so I am making the most of the few spare minutes to do a few things I want to do...such as put labels on a couple of containers, prune the rose out the front, and write blog entries! I'd already brought in 2 loads of washing and done another 3 so figure some recreational time is okay. I finished an assignment yesterday, and did a bit of work on some this morning so I think they will also keep for another day.

Here are the toys I got recently for my Christmas Child boxes. Only a month or two to go before they are due for collection! I'd better start getting my shoeboxes soonish. These little gems come under the 'something to love' category and were found at a local Dollar Value store - they range in price from $1-5 each. Aren't they cute? They are just perfect for the shoeboxes as they are all nice and small, leaving enough space in the shoeboxes for other things.
Opps, I think the long sleep has finally ended! Very hungry baby about to be fed!

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MaxineD said...

Must start looking for toys at our local shops..... thanks for the reminder. :-) Glad you made some time for recreation it always helps.