Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Love Savemart!

Munchkin has outgrown yet another lot of clothes, so there was an 'emergency' dash to the local second hand store, Savemart, on the weekend. My mum and I have a really good system. She walks along picking out possibilities, and I then look over them for size, etc. We even did this when I was pregnant...she'd find something and I'd try it on (yep, in the aisle, over my clothes - after all, we knew we needed a bit of growing space!)...we are a well oiled machine of efficiency!

I must just say that for kids clothes, I love Savemart! Actually, I love Savemart for clothes! It has certainly had plenty of custom from our family. I got most of my new winter wardrobe there last year when we moved back from Australia. It also supplied me with quite a number of 'preggy' clothes earlier this year. Most of Munchkin's lovely winter jerseys were from Savemart. And now he's once more decked out in second hand style!


That's all it cost to get all of these:

So not only did we manage to set him up with about 7 full outfits, but also came home with some scratch mittens (to stop him drawing blood because he will insist on rubbing his face with his hands and I can never seem to get his nails short enough!), a cute little book, and some plastic rattles. I feel quite chuffed.

Next time we need new clothes, I am also going to look on Trademe (Ebay) as I hear you can sometimes get bags of baby clothes for $1. Plus there's another second hand store just up the road from us here, which I had forgotten about. I don't imagine it will be all that long before I have to look again. Most of Munchkin's clothes are already 6-9month ones and he's only 3 months old...and some of the new ones only 'just' fit. Grin. Or should it be Grimace? It is kind of disappointing. We were given so many nice clothes, both second hand and new for Munchkin, and he's only worn many of them a couple of times, and some of them not at all! Oh well, what can you do? Not his fault he's a bit of a giraffe.


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MaxineD said...

Praise the Lord for second hand shops!! or you would be permanently broke ;-)