Sunday, August 15, 2010

The End of an Era

Last month I retired my handbag. It was a somewhat sad affair, and long overdue. I'd been given this gorgeous bag by my good friend, as a thank-you to her bridesmaids. That was 3 years ago I think...maybe 4? My maths is elluding me. Anyway, I loved the soft fabric and it was the perfect length to hang over my shoulder comfortably. I found that I never left it places, as it was easy to just leave it over my shoulder, across my back. This was particularly useful when doing things like supermarket shopping (you don't want to leave your purse in your trolley by mistake and come back with your carrots or celery to discover you've no money there to pay for them!).

The only thing is that my handbag took a beating. It was used every day, and you can tell. It has a couple of tears in it, but the reason for its retirement is simply that it had no pockets. I'd wanted pockets for a couple of years, actually, but loved the bag too much to change it simply because it didn't have any. Plus, I hate shopping and didn't think it would be easy to find something as comfortable as this one. I'd thought, many times, about sewing some pockets for it. That's as far as the thought got though, a thought.

The arival of Munchkin spelled the retirement of my handbag. I was so sick of spending ages fishing through my bag trying to find my keys, lip balm, or my ringing cell phone (invariably finding it after it had stopped ringing!). With Munchkin on the scene, the stress was just too much. Plus, my bag was pretty longer large enough to hold all the extras associated with a baby.

So I got a new bag. I found it, quite by accident, on special when I was looking for clothes. I love that it is bright blue, and it has a nice long strap like my last bag. It is bigger too, and has POCKETS!!! My sunglasses go in one, my pen and odd little bits in another, and there's even a place for my cell phone and car keys so I always know where they are. I'm happy. I'm sad to see my old bag go, and I have not been able to throw it out quite yet, but I'm happy that I've finally got a new one.



MaxineD said...

Love that blue!! Well done on your purchase - I know the feeling of loving a bag and not parting with it, but as you say - needs must at the moment - may be it can go into the toy box later on and gain another life??

Amy said...

Great idea, Maxine! I'd not thought of that but yes, toy box here it comes...