Friday, August 13, 2010

Shopping Day

You can tell that things have been a bit hectic around here lately by the state of our pantry. A tin of tomatoes sits forlornly, all alone. We have run out of jam. We have run out of cheese. There's barely any meat left in the freezer. I don't think we've ever had this little in our cupboards! I am a stockpiler by nature, so usually there's a month's worth of supplies. I like to think that I could invite anyone around for a meal and we'd be able to feed them without a trip to the shops.

We do still have some tuna, salmon and tinned spaghetti. I have not yet reached the point of desperation required to attempt mixing them into a meal! Today, I shop. We are in the middle of the month already, when usually I get the shopping done in the first few days, but working out time to do a big shop when there's assignments to do, washing to put away, a son to feed, or bath, or cuddle, or change is a bit complicated. I am currently waiting for Boyo to get up so I can go without Munchkin. Munchkin is crying, determined that he does NOT want to be in his bed. Poor, tired boy.

I am just hoping that in my rush last night to get the shopping list done, I have not forgotten anything important. I have remembered the toilet paper, bread for Boyo, and the light bulb to replace the blown one in the lounge. Oh, did I write soy sauce on the list? Better check that before I go. Hopefully we're all covered. Munchkin and I have been for a short walk, wrapped up in the front pack and my wet weather gear as it is an overcast, drizzly day. It was glorious being outside. I stopped and watched a flock of silver eyes feeding and enjoyed the crisp breeze for a few minutes.

I've even managed to get a good amount of study done this morning so that I don't have to try and squeeze it in this afternoon. As we shop monthly, it usually takes me two hours at the supermarket, followed by another couple at home packing things away. Thankfully I have leftover dinner in the fridge for my lunch. I'd just better make sure Boyo doesn't get to it first. Grin.

Time to sort out my tired baby and check on the washing in the machine.


Elizabeth said...

Oh - I so get the tired baby thing... she is insisting on crying for about 20 minutes these past couple of days, before giving in and going to sleep. So not good on this Mummy's heart - so I am getting tougher (with the encouragement of Luke) and keeping busy while she cries! I had a shower the first time, second sleep I vacuumed the house and emptied the dishwasher... when I have to deal with the third sleep I will be writing up my latest blog entry! I can tune her out within reason when doing this (I discovered this yesterday)! Hope he sorted himself out quickly for you!

MaxineD said...

Sounds as though it is the day for babies to test mothers, as Munchkin's cousin has also been doing that!!

Hope you got to your lunch in time :-)

I am ab out to head out to the studio and make a card that is already a week late....