Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dry Goods Storage

I have found a great use for the multiple formula tins we are producing at the moment (Munchkin is on formula as I did not produce nearly enough milk for a growing baby!). I do so like finding a use for things, and this one has several benefits. Firstly, I feel like I'm getting a few extra 'miles' out of our expensive formula purchases. Secondly, I have found some larger containers to store my dry goods in. Bonus, they don't break!
My other storage containers are glass jars bought at the Sallies op shop for 20c each or something. But they are not big enough to fit a whole 1kg bag of sugar or flour, which is annoying. So now I am transferring things into the old formula tins. They are fabulous, if you just get past the green outsides. They are designed to keep things nice and fresh for a long time, which is just what I need! Plus they stack neatly on top of each other.

The only real issue is that I see one and think, "What is Munchkin's formula doing on my baking shelf?" So I've printed off some labels to try and help clarify things for me! I'm even going to put the vegetable garden seeds into a couple of them to keep them fresh. Not sure what I'll store after that (we will have quite a few more containers yet...months of bottles yet to come and Munchkin currently goes through one every 5.5 days)...but I'm sure I'll come up with something. If not, there's bound to be someone I can give them to for their pantry. Grin.

A great example of recycling, I must say!

Is there anything you've found a second use for in your home lately?



MaxineD said...

Well done on the recycling!!
Can't think of anything unless food scraps for the compost and veggie bags for doo doo scoops count :-)

Amy said...

They most certainly do!

Aynsley said...

Ha! My mum did exactly the same with all of our formula tins although she covered them with patterned plastic adhesive similar to duraseal. Even now (30+ years on)there are still some old formula tins in the caravan with pegs and flour etc in them!