Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've had some seedlings growing away on the windowsill beside my desk over the past few weeks. On Monday, I transplanted them, some into my little garden and the rest into my parents'.

I love how lush and green they look! These were an Italian Mesculin mix, a Red Mesculin mix, and some spinach, all from Kings Seeds.

Hopefully they transplant okay. It is always a bit difficult here in Tauranga getting seedlings established okay, as we invariably seem to end up with a patch of really sunny weather right after I've planted them...either that or pouring rain!

Next on my list this week is to buy some more seed raising mix, and get our tomato seeds planted. We can plant tomatoes in the garden in late September here (most of NZ is Labour Weekend at the end of October but Tauranga is quite mild and balmy come spring). So Dad and I worked out that we probably need a good 4 weeks worth of growth before transplanting. Once the tomatoes are large enough to transplant into bigger pottles, I'll start some beans, cucumbers, and so on. I'm thinking of using toilet rolls and just popping them straight into the ground to transplant and letting them breakdown; a good recycling option for the 'trolls' and it saves my pottles for things that need a bit more tlc.

Have you planted anything lately? Amy


Elizabeth said...

Do you need some toilet rolls then? We have a small rubbish bin full of them that I was going to burn - can bring them down this weekend?!?

MaxineD said...

Just harvesting here - still way to cold top plant, but we have been pruning :-)