Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spring is Coming

I do believe that spring is coming. I have been meaning to prune the roses around our place for awhile now, but as it is somewhat low on the list of priorities it has yet to eventuate.

I did just head outside and quickly clip back the one right beside the carpad, so we don't get attacked every time we get in or out of the drivers door. It was already starting to bud, a sure sign that spring must be on its way. I don't really feel like we've had much of a winter this year, it has been so mild but I'm still happy to have spring arrive.

In other exciting news, our front neighbours came over and pruned back the wayward banksia rose that was hanging over the carpad. They're tidying up to rent out the house (please, God, nice quiet new neighbours - the unit beside us will have new tenants soon too so two lots of new neighbours). They not only pruned it back with their long-handled loopers, but took the prunings away in their trailer, and the lady pulled out the weeds along the edge while her man did the pruning! I feel so blessed. I've been wanting to tackle that area for months and just haven't had time to allocate to it...and now, out of the blue, it is done!
What signs of spring (or autumn if you are in the Northern Hemisphere) have you seen this week?

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MaxineD said...

Would you please send those lovely neighbours over here to prune my roses... :-)they are sprouting faster than can prune them.