Friday, December 17, 2010

Cards Galore

I recently joined my mother-in-law on a card purchasing expedition. She gets all her base cardboard for card making once a year, from a local printer. This year I headed in with her. We chose the colours we wanted from what he had available, then the printer cut it all down to A4 for us. Some sheets supplied 9, others 6 per sheet. I am very chuffed with my new stash of card. I use a lot of white card as my card bases, and have found it really hard to get hold of a decent amount of it here. I was tired of buying it in packs of 10 A4 sheets, for exhorbitant prices at local stationery shops. So this has proven to be an excellent solution!

Here is my pile. I managed to stay very focused, and only got the colours I will actually use regularly for my cards. There were some other lovely colours and textures, but I know that I already have lots of coloured paper scraps so really only need the actual 'card' to set everything up on. From experience, these are the colours I will use most. I tend to make simple, layered cards using cut pieces of coloured paper, ribbons, buttons, etc. I did do stamping for a while there, but have reverted back to my youth. This is how I learned to make cards each birthday, following my Mum's example. There is red, navy, black, cream, speckled/tan, and white. Beautiful!

All this cost just $22!!! Now for some time to use some of it! One of my less-urgent/less-important goals for summer is to make at least 20 generic cards, as my thank you/thinking of you/no-name card stash has all but run out. Plus there's a few birthday cards I could work on too...


Friday, 17th December, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Great to see the card pile again ;-) mine has already diminished somewhat with the Christmas cards made...