Monday, December 13, 2010

Munchkin's Favourites - 1

Here is one of Munchkin's favourite toys, made for him by Chrissy over at Silver Jandals (see my blog roll).

It is one of the most amazing baby toys I've seen! So simple. It is fabric, with folded ribbons all around the sides. Inside there's something that crinkles every time you grib the fabric.

When he was really little, Munchkin would just grab the fabric. Then of course there is the sucking. Now, at 6 months old, he loves to use his fingers to grab individual bits of ribbon, touching and stroking, pulling, and of course putting in his mouth.

It has been puked on and through the wash several times. It fits in a small corner of his bag if we need a 'going out' toy. It's colourful. It engages his senses and encourages him to explore and develop coordination. And he just loves it, which is all that really matters!

I think this toy should be given to every newborn. Never mind all those fancy store-bought things. This is the real deal.


Monday, 13th December, 2010


Aynsley said...

I've made a few of them too and they are always are well received. I've made mine with cotton on one side and satin on the other so it has a different tactile feel to each side. I'm all for giving hand made presents and this is one of my favourites (as well as my geometric ball like we gave Lydia).

MaxineD said...

You have it right there - it is am amazing piece of equipment!

Chrissy from Silver Jandals said...

ooh shucks. I'm so glad he likes it. I do try to give one to new babies. So quick and simple to make and the babies don't seem to mind my bad sewing!