Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Munchkin's Favourites - 4

Another of Munchkin's Favourites. I was actually a bit surprised, as I'd expected him to go for something a bit smaller, but he took one look at his Dolly and fell in love. He loves holding him. He loves looking at him. He loves having him 'bumped' up and down his tummy, or wriggled across his face. Dolly now sits in Munchkin's bed, and gets picked up and played with whenever he wakes up (or doesn't want to go to sleep!). I think part of the allure is the bright colours, and another great feature is that it is so soft and pliable...little fingers can grip hold of the head, the arms, the buttons, pretty much any part of it. I know it is a scarecrow, but we have been calling it Dolly since he got it, so Dolly it still is. After all, boys can have dollys too. Such a good choice of toy from one of the great uncles and aunties!


Tuesday, 21st December, 2010

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MaxineD said...

Love those toys - and I can understand the pleasure he finds from it.