Monday, June 6, 2011

8 More to Go

Yes, more peggy squares!  I now have only eight more to do before I will have a finished blanket.  Not that it will be finished, but the squares will be!  It's so exciting to get to this point!  These four have been on the go since early May...I've been spending a fair bit of time in the garage building a certain chook cage this month so less knitting has been taking place.  Small boy has also learnt he can launch himself off his potty if his mummy is not watching closely, so that knitting time has also gone!



MaxineD said...

I had to laugh at the small boys antics :-) - but the knitting will go on and it will be complete - alter if not sooner :-)

Elizabeth said...

Haha - I can so see him launching!

My child is in bed - has been there since 12:50pm, as she was supposedly tired... it is now 2:18pm and she is still wide awake (but just talking). Hopefully she crashes soon!