Friday, June 3, 2011


I love the "Things I'm Loving" idea by Paisley Jade!  It is so great to be reminded on a weekly basis that I have something to be thankful for.  No matter what life is like, there is always a gem somewhere, a moment, a thought, an action that I can stop and thank God for.  No matter how busy, I can always take a moment to take a deep breath, look at a sunrise, or listen to a bird call.

So today, things I'm loving:

A husband who does dishes.  PILES of dishes.  Okay, I must admit to being a bit of a dish-using-freak.  I happen to like cooked breakfasts and lunches. And morning teas?!  And despite trying very hard to minimise dishes and rinse and reuse, there's invariably a huge pile up...which Boyo has just tackled yet again!  Boyo ROCKS. 

A clean handbasin.  I just couldn't handle it any longer.  I do so love the clean shiny whiteness of a just-cleaned handbasin.  I will gaze at it again tonight when I clean my teeth and sigh a deep sigh of contentment.

A son who likes helping with the washing.  Okay, so at a tender one year old, Munchkin is not really much 'help' just yet.  But I just love how much he is learning by watching and being involved.  There's so much to find out and discover through real life experiences, and I love being able to spend time with him while working on something as routine as the daily washing.  He already knows how to tip pegs out of containers.  Easy, Mum!  Piece of cake.  A bit more tricky?  How about putting pegs into containers.  Here's his recent contribution to tidying up:

Then there's learning how to take things off the line.  We use racks a lot  because they are easy to put up inside with the baby, haul in and out and in and out and in and out in variable weather, or move around the yard for winter sun.  This means Munchkin has rather easy access to the washing.  He can take the pegs off already.  But what really made me laugh, and proud as proud a parent as I could be, was watching him take some nappy inserts out of the basket the other day, and drape them over the rack.  Just like that.  He hung out the washing!  He then proceeded to take all the bibs and clothes off that I'd just put on.  Ah well, I guess I shouldn't expect too much in one day!

And one last thing I'm currently loving.  New slippers!  Remember how I was feeling miserable 'cause my old ones died and I'd had so much trouble getting replacements?  Well, I was walking past a shop and went in just in case, and there they were!  New slippers.  Sheepskin, made in New Zealand, size 5, an almost perfect fit!  And oh, so snuggly warm!  Loving it.



PaisleyJade said...

Love your list! Especially the husband who does the dishes - yay for him (mines awesome like that too).

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Amy said...

Thanks, PaisleyJade! Blokes that do dishes are definitely something to be thankful for! Amy

MaxineD said...

Ah yes, mine is pretty great there too.
Warm feet are also definitely on the list as well!!

Miss Prudence said...

Now to make you green with envy my man does dishes and IRONS!!! But he is very ruthless with bed cushions - treats them with total disregard !!!
What a clever AND good looking baby you have! And those uggies look nice and snuggy!

Elizabeth said...

Yay - you worked out how to join up, I keep remembering at the wrong time to e-mail you on how to join!

Amy said...

Miss Prudence, you will have us all green with envy! Amy