Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uganda Meal

You may recall that I was compelled into action last week after reading World Vision's news regarding famine in Uganda.  On my list of things to do were Free Rice, and a simplified meal so that we could give a little more money toward the appeal.  I managed to get 2,000 grains of rice donated that day, which I am very pleased with.  Last night we had our 'Uganda Meal.'  It ended up being scrambled eggs on toast, because I had milk that needed to be used or risk it going off today (I have been trying hard to reduce the amount of food we waste!).  Munchkin had some veges from the freezer, and some blueberries I found in the back of the fridge.

After our meal last night I must admit to feeling a little virtuous about my 'help the people of the world' endeavours.  Then I put the remainder of the groceries away - a huge cabbage, decent cauli, and a celery.  ALL THIS was leftovers...bits of stem and such that I didn't feel were good enough to eat. 

I looked at that big bag of waste food and felt a little less glamorous than before.  I'm sure that for many people, they would never even consider throwing out celery stems and leaves.  Every single bit of edible, or even semi-edible food would be used.  The thing is that I don't know what to do with it.  I mean, we are a 2.5 person household.  We just don't need all the little bits on the top of a celery, or the stem on the broccoli.  I did think about freezing them, but where in our little freezer do I put them and that still doesn't solve the issue of what to actually DO with them.  At least I do get the slight relief of knowing that my food scraps from last night are going to help us in some way, even if we haven't eaten them.  They went to the worms.  So at least they are being put to some useful purpose, rather than putrefying in landfill.  But I still felt a bit, well, blah about how much we waste and take for granted.  At least we were able to do something though, to help others.  And in all honesty, eggs on toast is not really a hardship!



MaxineD said...

We often have scrambles eggs on toast for a weekend tea :-) one of our favourites. The celery trimmings could be used in your soup stocks??

Julie said...

Veg scraps can be used to make vegetable broth. Of course, then you have the issue of where to put the vegetable broth, but you can still feed the scraps to the worms after they've been brothed.

Amy said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Julie! I think we might need a bigger freezer...don't have much room for stock and such stuff at present. Perhaps I need to plan it so I make stock after shopping and use it the following few days in meals? Amy