Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am having a go with Photoscape for the first time!  Very, very cool being able to group photos into one picture like this, and doing the basics in it is much easier than I expected.  I wonder why I put it off for so long!

Here are some recent cards I made, using Photoscape to display them for you:

The smaller ones are gift cards, some as thank you's for Munchkin's birthday presents, others to go with little gifts.  The larger were random cards I came up with while trying to do my sister-in-law's birthday card.  As she reads this blog, the card I ended up making will have to wait for a few more weeks yet.



Elizabeth said...

Oh - I like the new look!

I just read your 'About Me'... hehehe, so get the writing something on the list just so you can cross it off - I also do that, almost daily!

Love the cards - I have yet to have a chance to really look into photoscape... on my 'To Do' list, but with Lydia not sleeping well during the day - I get very little time at the moment :-(!

MaxineD said...

Oh - photoscape - sounds interesting - is it expensive??
The cards look gorgeous.

Simoney said...

Hey Amy - glad you are finding Photoscape good - as if there was any chance you wouldn't!
It rocks!

Amy said...

Hi Maxine,
Go to Great Fun for Kids - Simoney has a great tutorial on how to use Photoscape, which is a FREE (Wahoo!) download!