Monday, May 2, 2011

Being Prepared

I have learnt (the hard way) the benefit of being prepared when going out with a baby. I am usually one of those 'plan for every possible event' kind of people, but having a young son has taxed my ability to think coherently to the breaking point. A few times recently we've been out, and I've discovered that I need to give Munchy something to eat, but of course don't have the required implements to do so. Hands do need washing after squishing banana all through them. Faces do too! So I now have my 'be prepared' kit stashed in my handbag! It contains: a small plastic ziplock bag, a teaspoon, and a cloth. I invariably have a water bottle on me to wet the cloth, and a banana or cracker to give Munchkin to eat, so these are the bare essentials for those trips where I think we won't really need anything. It should really also contain a nappy and a bib. I might add at least the bib later today. The nappy is a little too baulky for my handbag I feel! For longer trips out we usually take his nappy bag, but this kit at least means I have something on me for shorter trips where I don't want the bulkiness of an entire nappy bag in tow.


Monday, 2nd May, 2011


Elizabeth said...

You have been BUSY while our internet has been down :-(!

I ALWAYS forget something... doesn't matter how prepared I think I am, I'll discover something missing after I have left (and quite often it is the essential item of that particular trip *grin*)!

Amy said...

Yes well, the irony of this post is that the very day after I wrote it, I went out without the nappy bag blissfully thinking I had my 'be prepared' kit in my handbag. Nope. Seems I had used and forgotten to replace it. There was banana all over Munchkin's hands, face, bib, trousers, carseat, and up my sleeves! I had to use the roll of toilet paper from the boot to try and mop us up! ;op

MaxineD said...

Oh the joys - when on long trip even when the kiddos were older if I knew we would be eating en-route I had a damp facecloth and hand towel on board!