Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Quick Project

After a great deal of frustration over screws not going in straight, bits of wood not staying put, and a drill that I couldn't manage, I decided this afternoon to turn my thoughts to simpler, gentler creative pursuits.  Our church is gathering a few little things to bless some folks, and this is part of my contribution.  It took about half an hour.  I bought the cellophane and curling ribbon yesterday.  The tea light candles I actually got for myself (they are apple scented and cost a whole dollar, yay for specials!).  But then I realised that I probably don't need to keep the whole 36 tea lights for myself so fished this lovely sparkly green ribbon out from my stash to wrap them with.  Delightful.  There is something about cellophane and ribbon that thrills my soul.  The bathsalts are made with epsom salts, geranium scented, and coloured very lightly with pink food colouring.  Pretty as a picture, and smell like a garden!  I hope that their recipients will feel blessed.  I certainly enjoyed putting them together.  A successful little project like this was just what I needed to calm my frazzled chook-framing nerves!



MaxineD said...

Oh Amy they look fabulous - and thanks for the giggle over your 'frazzled nerves' :-)

Elizabeth said...

Nice - they look lovely!