Friday, May 27, 2011

On My Mind

Linking in with Rhonda at Down to Earth, on my mind today is:

The chook cage and how much harder it is proving to put together than I thought!  Here are all the bits of framing waiting to be used!
I shall head out this afternoon and try to get a longer drill bit as the 80mm screws are proving beyond me to screw in straight and my pre-drilling isn't going deep enough. 



rhonda jean said...

Hello Amy. I'm sure you'll do it. If you can produce a baby, you can do anything. :- )

Becky said...

Good luck with the Chicken coop!

Claud said...

That looks like a serious challenge! I hope you have help lined up since I know how it is to tackle project on your own - best of luck :-)

TammyJ said...

ohh I hope it all comes together for you nicely over the weekend. :)

MaxineD said...

will Boyo not help?? - or is it your project??

Amy said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement! You are right, of course Rhonda, having had a baby I should be able to do anything! Boyo might help if I ask, Maxine, but this is my personal project so I'm not asking.