Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chook Cage Update

I did some more work on the chook cage yesterday.  Borrowed my dad's cordless drill, which is a bit of a gutless wonder (charge for three hours, use for 10mins were his instructions and fairly accurate - but then my arms need about the same so no worries!).  This at least means I don't have to find money to buy one for myself just yet.  I managed to get the sides screwed on.  I then spent some time pondering the nest box/perch area and just what order to screw all the next bits on in.  And also that I've managed to get the size a bit wrong for the ply on the nest - need to get that adjusted by Dad sometime in the coming weeks. 

I am making much slower progress than I hoped.  With muscles already sore from carrying Munchkin and doing housekeeping, I am finding I can only manage a small amount of drilling before my arms give out.  Not that I have much time available anyway.  At least I have allowed myself lots of extra time, in starting now.  Hopefully I can just get it all finished by September so I can get my chookies then!



Elizabeth said...

But - good for you anyway!

Hey, Luke has got some timber to make Lydia a small table, and after talking to you guys over the weekend - he said there is enough to make one for Michael also.

Will ring one evening this week and give you a run down on it :-)!

Amy said...

Oh wow, that would be amazing, Elizabeth! Thanks so much! Teary eyed Amy.

MaxineD said...

Well done Amy!! I am sure it will all work out in the end.