Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christmas Child Gifts

I always find it hard to source decent clothing for Operation Christmas Child.  Clothing is usually my single, biggest cost and the hardest item to find.  So far, I only have four clothing items and I need 12.  Anyone fancy doing a bit of sewing?  An old school friend has this really cool pattern for making the most gorgeous skirts out of fabric scraps...but I am a novice seamstress with very limited time, so have had to tell myself in no uncertain terms that "No, I may not attempt to make anything for Operation Christmas Child...at least not this year!"  I still toy (forgive the pun!) with the idea of knitting bags, or making felt puppets, or sewing a few tshirts or skirts or pencil cases.  Then I have to remind myself I have only just enough time to buy things for my boxes.  Just.  No more extras, Amy.  But that doesn't mean I can't accept things made by other people, now does it?!  So if your fancy takes to sewing little gifts for someone you've never met, just pop me a line! 
Anyway, here are the four tshirts I managed to pick up on sale (under $5 each) recently.  I'm finding it can be hard to find clothes that don't consist of marketing or way too skimpy for the countries they are going to so I was pretty pleased with this find.



MaxineD said...

fabulous shirts, Amy. Maybe once the knitting is out of the way I may have time to sew - but the knitting has to be no more than 4-6 rows a day at the moment :-(.

Elizabeth said...

The t-shirts are lovely colours!