Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Start

I have started the chook cage.  I meant to have photos of the design here for you, but the camera was at Polytech with Boyo today.  The joys of sharing a camera.  I am thankful that we do have our own laptops these days.  Grin.  I have an amazing husband, and an amazing son.  They came with me to Mega 10 as technical support (okay, so Munchkin only came to trolley ride, but hey what else can you expect from a nearly one year old?!).  My parents kindly loaned me their trailer, and my dad's skills that afternoon to cut the ply with his electric saw.  That was last Saturday.  Boyo looked after Munchkin for the afternoon so I could get the ply all cut.  Thanks Boyo!  I returned last Monday with Munchkin to cut the framing by hand.  He blatted around (Amy's word for buzzing here and there, fluffing with this thing and that, and generally enjoying himself) in the playpen while I measured, measured again, and cut.  I have decided to add 'good quality saw' to my personal wish list.  My dad's ones are a bit old and worn, although I am very grateful for the use of them!  My personal list now includes: spade, fork, hand saw, and cordless drill.  The last of which I shall be buying this week. I  have yet to work out with what money I am buying this, but buy one I am determined to do.  Today I had a go at screwing the framework together, you see.  I was using my dad's old drill.  Which is certainly helpful, but too heavy and baulky than I can manage - I need something I can use with one hand at least some of the time, so I can use the other hand to hold the bit of wood!  Today's attempts were not particularly successful.  But just to prove that I have started something, here are some pictures of the materials cut ready to assemble!



MaxineD said...

Well done Amy!! Keep up the good work, and I am sure the eggs will be worth it!!

Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to seeing the completed project!