Monday, May 9, 2011

Stocking Up

I have recently started stocking up on worm pee. It seems that I always end up with it pouring out of the worm farm whenever I don't need it (in other words, every time it rains and the garden is already sodden and so does not need any more watering!). So I am following my mother-in-law's excellent example, and bottling the stuff. Now I don't get nearly as much off my farm as she does, but it should still be enough to have a fairly large stash in the garden shed come spring and summer planting...just when the plants will need it most.

Juice, anyone?!? Boyo has decided that he doesn't want to try this dark coloured juice!



MaxineD said...

Have fun - which reminds me I had better go and drain my crew before the next big rain - I wouldn't want them drowning in their own pee......

Dayla said...

Hi Amy,
I have been doing this too, I have been putting it into one of those 10 or 15 litre plactic boxes with the tap at the bottom. So I can pour it our into a watering can when required. It is amazing stuff.
My worm farm is new and new to me but oh how wonderful and efficient the little critters are. And how clean and neat a worm farm is compared to compost bins.