Monday, May 2, 2011


Our summer flower garden is long gone. Our grocery budget is stretched as far as it can go, so I have had to forego flowers for some weeks. Boyo did buy me a beautiful sunflower, which lasted for ages, but we finally had to concluded that it had done its dash when it was completely wilted and curled up. I thought that might have to be the end of weekly flower displays for several months, but headed out into the yard just in case I could find some greenery or something with which to brighten up the house. I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes you just have to look at the world with eyes that are focused, in order to find what you are looking for. Isn't that so often the case. We plough on through life, thinking we are seeing, thinking we are looking, but in reality we are just so busy that we miss much of what our eyes take in. Then when we stop, and take a moment to really concentrate on what we are seeing, so many details appear that were previously hidden to us.

This is what happened to me. Walking around with my sizzors I suddenly found quite a few options to use when I had previously thought there wasn't really much out there. I managed to do a little arrangement for the bathroom, and then one for the dining table too! Sadly, as is the case with all cut flowers, they haven't lasted very long. As it is now pouring with rain I won't be replacing them today at least. I do wonder what I will find out there next time though?


Monday, 2nd April, 2011


Elizabeth said...

Impressive array for autumn! Also very creatively put together - nice!

MaxineD said...

I agree - often we have to stop and really look before seeing the beauty. I am often surprised by what I find in my garden when wanting flowers.