Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Rice - May

I have decided that I'd like to do a few monthly posts. I thought that this might be more managable than trying to do weekly ones? My thinking at this point is to do a monthly post updating you on my Free Rice totals for the month (to guilt trip me into remembering to answer at least a few words and feed a few people each month!). I might do a Meatless Monday Meal once a month too, a Word for the Month (rather than for the week!), and a Garden Update. How does that sound? Do-able?

I set up an account with Free Rice because it tracks how many vocabulary words I answer correctly, and how many grains of rice are donated from them.

Monthly totals for this year so far are:
January 2,530 grains of rice.
February 1,020
March 1,180
April 1,500
May - no stats available yet

To give you an idea of the time involved in this, I just answered 20 questions in less than 2 minutes (on the easiest level). That's 200 grains of rice donated to the World Food Programme!!!

Have you had a go at the Free Rice game lately?


Thursday, 5th May, 2011

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