Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ribbon Toys

I made some Ribbon Toys yesterday.  One set is for Munchkin, the other two are birthday presents for a couple of his friends.  I have come across these in local kindergartens, and our local Tiny Boppers music session uses them with great effect.  The kids just love them!  They are made using ice cream container lids, a pair of reasonably sharp sizzors, a hole punch, and some ribbons.  I got 2.5m each of 7 different colours which made enough for 6 (and cost $4.60NZ).  One of them I used 60cm lengths and doubled the ribbons over, but then realised I'd run out so just did single lengths of 40cm for the other two.  You just knot the ribbons really tight through the hole punched holes.  I also 'sealed' the ribbons to try and prevent fraying.  A candle would work well (I used a lighter) and as a technical note, it is easier to do this before tying them onto the handle!  Yup, I forgot and had to do it later. 

Now I am wondering if anyone has an idea for a holder that is new, rather than second hand?  I like to repurpose and recycle items as much as possible so am really happy to do it this way for us and our friends, but I thought that this could be a great gift in my Shoe Boxes.  The thing is that they specifically require every item to be new.  This would be to stop kids getting someone's old nasty junk, I imagine.  So I'm trying to come up with something new that I could use as a ribbon holder, that only costs around a dollar.  Any ideas, folks?



Elizabeth said...

What an awesome idea - I'll have to make some for Lydia!

I'm sure the Shoe Box folk won't mind, as the ribbons will be new... maybe ring someone and check!

MaxineD said...

Hmmm - you have got me on that one - try some of the $$ shops - I will have a look around here for some possible handles. Great idea though.