Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Munchkin has gone and outgrown yet another lot of clothes!  He was down to 1 jersey given to us when he was born, 1 cardigan knitted for him, and 1 sweatshirt that is hard to get over his hands (come on people, make kids clothing with a bit of 'give' - narrow wristbands are a no-no for Mummy's and Daddy's trying to get their big fingers through to pull little baby fingers through!).  While there are another 2 knitted cardigans on the way from doting grandparents, I felt that we probably still need some further options...Tauranga can have fairly warm weather from time to time so something a bit lighter would be good, plus we could just do with a few backups should the washing get too backlogged in wet weather.  I therefore headed out, once more, on a quest for affordable clothing.  My loot?  4 tops, $17.90NZ total (which I imagine is the price of one good new size 2 top - yup, he is in size 2).  I didn't get a huge amount of choice.  Necessity meant that I required something this trip, petrol costs meant visiting only 2 of the potential stores, and with second hand clothes you can't simply try the next size up or down if you like the look but don't fit the sizing!  I also found that over half the possible tops had hoods.  Especially those with zipped fronts.  Grr.  I like zips - much easier to put on and off, and gives us another option (open for when he's warmer, and closed for going outside!).  But I really dislike hoods.  What is it with children's fashion that dictates they should all wear hoods?!  Did the makers of these clothes ever try putting them on real, live children?  Hoods get in the way.   They bunch up behind heads in carseats, flop over eyes when leaning forward, provide bulk and potential danger when sleeping, and are just annoying, unnecessary frivolles.  Okay, so I am ranting here and I did just make up a word.  I just don't see why they are considered a good fashion statement.  Sure, they look cute.  But if I want my kid to keep his head warm, I will put a woolly hat on him.  Please, spare me from hoods.  Rant over.  All hoods aside, I managed to find a few tops that will hopefully be large enough to last the winter without looking like a potato sack this month!  We even got a bonus matching hat with the acrylic green top (the top has buttons down the back too, making for easy over-the-head manouvres!).



Elizabeth said...

They look lovely...

MaxineD said...

Hmmm - I think I may have the pattern for the olive green top :-) only I useed a zip, not buttons. Great haul though.