Sunday, May 8, 2011

The List

I have just entered a blissful period of time in which I do not have any study. Four weeks of freedom! I have been looking forward to it for ages, it seems, and finally it is here. If you think that means I will be putting my feet up and relaxing though, you are strangely mistaken. I have THE LIST to complete. The List is rather long. It has been added to frequently over the past few months - every time I think of something that needs to be done (or I wishfully want to have done), but do not have time to do while I am studying I add something more. I will not bore you with the two A4 pages full of things I wish to accomplish. Instead, I will condense The List down to the larger priorities.

* Fix 2 broken dining chair seats where the MDF has broken
Progress: got ply, cut with Dad (thanks Dad!), glued foam back on, ready to staple fabric back on - require time when Boyo is home to watch Munchkin as hammering too loud!

* Make chook cage
Progress: Bought materials yesterday with Boyo and Munchkin for technical support! Okay, so Munchkin likes to trolley ride! Cut ply with Dad (big thanks, Dad!). Need to cut framing - which means taking Munchkin up to my parents during the day, and stashing him in the play pen while I measure and cut with the hand saw, then cart all pieces home in the car
Then I need to screw the frame together...the rest I will tell you when I get to it! This is a rather large project!

* Planning and preparation for Munchkin's first birthday in (gulp) two week's time.
Progress: Have sort of done the menu and started buying the decorations. Quite a lot to do in the days leading up to the big event - depending how many people decide to come.
Need to sort out Munchkin's birthday present. Lots and lots of research so far. Not much other progress. Grin.

*Move emergency water bottles into shed from concrete block garage (note: recommendation is to have emergency kits in a garden shed or similar because they are less likely to collapse in an earthquake) and set up a semi decent emergency kit
Progress: Have got the bottles from garage to conservatory. Need to refresh the water (you are meant to do this every 6 months) and was hoping for a dry week so I can water the garden with it instead of just wasting it. Yeah, never mind? Got a new padlock for the shed so we have more than one key, very useful!
Need to find container for emergency kit and put stuff in it, like our little burner, bandages, toilet paper, etc.

*Sell a whole more stuff on Trademe.
Progress: Need to take photos. Then spend time loading things online. I do have a list of things to sell though so that is a start.

*Crochet half a blanket together.
Progress: I have crocheted 4 whole rows together already! On number5...want to crochet them to each other though (the rows, to make half the blanket).

* Sew some zippered bags for our cash monthly money (like groceries, spending money, birthdays, etc). We've been using plastic and they keep breaking. Plus people can see inside. I saw some on a blog once (can't remember where), and thought they looked really cool.
Progress: Bought zips. 12. One of each colour! I came out nearly giddy with delight at the colour choices! Need to do a trial one, then probably find some more fabric.

* Tidy Garden
Progress: I've already moved the compost bin, and the strawberry plants, so excellent progress so far! Need to make a wire cage to grow potatoes in. Need to plant garlic at the Big Garden. Did get the seedlings from the windowsill finally planted today. Only a few weeks late! Want to trim trees up the driveway so they don't scrape our car as we squeeze past the front neighbour's van...the camellias are getting a bit overgrown and I only got partway up last year.

So there you have it. This is, remember, the condensed list for your reading pleasure. I think I will be a little busy! But oh, so satisfied as I cross each thing off The List!



Elizabeth said...

Oh how I love lists... looking forward to seeing you all again in a fortnight! I have convinced Luke to take a couple of hours off on the Friday afternoon so we can travel down in the light... yay!

MaxineD said...

did you say freedom? from study may be, but that list looks like a lot to me!!

Amy said...

So great you can drive down earlier than expected, Elizabeth!
Maxine, yup I did say 'freedom' but of course this is a relative word...freedom to do things other than study! Grin.