Friday, May 6, 2011

The Weigh In

Today Munchkin had his 1year Plunket check up. He weighs 12.3kg and is 81cm tall. About the size of an 'average' two year old. We are not surprised. He's been tracking along the 97th percentile for both height and weight since about 3 months old. Tall genes. Not mine (although I do like to joke that he takes after his mother when people comment on how 'huge' he is - I am a slender 160cm or 5foot 3inches!). I must say that our Plunket ladies have been brilliant. While nearly everyone else has some comment or other to make about Munchkin's size, the Plunket ladies like to point out that he is very well proportioned, and developing great for his age. They check whether we have any concerns, ask what he has been up to lately, and are courteous and helpful. Thanks Plunket!
I've been saying to Boyo lately that we need fruit trees. Both of us rather like fruit, and have been raised to eat a fair bit of it. Munchkin is looking to follow in our footsteps. He loves his fruit! Most days now he will eat a couple of feijoas, half a mandarin and a banana, and only limited to that because that's all his mother will give him! I'm now wondering if we might need a cow, goat, pig, and chickens as well. Oh, and maybe a Sanitarium factory in the backyard to supply Weetbix should he develop a taste for them as his father has! Grin. It's a good thing I am a creative and frugal cook. Bring it on!


Friday, 6th May, 2011


Elizabeth said...

I tried Lydia on some manderins the other day - no good, she reacted badly... lots of grizzling and refusing to finish her lunch, and then when I picked her up - a big mouthful of manderin and bile (acid) down my back :-(! Poor baby - obviously the reflux still hasn't settled!

MaxineD said...

You have every reason to be proud of Munchkin and his 'proportions' - he is a well balanced young man - I can't really say wee man!!