Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Onesie What?

I often have conversations these days about clothing the boy.  At 81cm he is a little tall.  Okay, understatement.  He is very tall for a one year old.  If he were two, he would be average.  But the thing is he is not.  He is only one.  If you have ever looked at young kids you might notice that they get wider, as well as taller, as they age.  So while Munchkin is tall and by no means a bean pole (read: not skinny!), he is still slimmer than an average two year old.  We've had this problem the whole way through, having to carefully choose the narrowest fitting option available so that things wouldn't fall off his shoulders in order to get them long enough.  He seems particularly long in the body from shoulder to crotch.  His car seat, which is designed for up to 18kg babies, and says it will last him up to around four years of age, is nearly too small for him.  Once his shoulders get higher than those shoulder straps, his carseat becomes unsafe and we have to upgrade!  He's only one, for crying out loud!  Where are we meant to get another car seat from?  With what money?  Grr. 
Anyway, I digress.  The point is that my boy is tall.  Which makes him nearly as hard to buy clothes for as his mother (only the opposite problem!).  We have two containers FULL of outgrown clothes.  Most of them were pre-onesie bummsies.  "Onesie-what?"  Most people ask.  Ah, "one-see-bum-see."  They are an amazing little extender that goes on the bottom of 'onesies' to make them longer (onesies are those tops that have the domes under the crotch).  Onesie Bummsies are made by a Kiwi Mum, and come in three different sizes.  I only wish someone had told me about them when Munchkin was one month old.  As it was, they have saved us so much time, hassle, and money since getting some.  I have Munchy in the same tops as he was wearing in September - an amazing feat believe me!  What he wore as tshirts over summer, he nows wears as a singlet under his long sleeved winter tops.  They are just getting to the point where we are going to get 'air gaps' between top and pants down the sides.
I honestly can't rave enough!  If you have a tall baby, have a look!  Or if you've got a slender baby, they'd be similar helping get baby into clothes that fit their width and their length at the same time.  For babies in cloth nappies, they also help so much - so many clothes are not made allowing for the extra few centimetres a thicker cloth nappy adds so a Onesie Bummsie helps no end.

Okay, I'm going to stop raving now.  And just for the record, no one asked me to comment on Onesie Bummsies.  I am not paid to promote them, I just love being able to recommend a product that does what it was designed to do, saves money, and well, WORKS.  Grin.

These are side-on.  You dome one side to the front of the 'onesie' top and the other to the back.  Wa-lah!  Longer top!  Amazing!


MaxineD said...

I know the feeling about wanting to 'shout from the rooftops' when you have found something that is so good and works so well for you :-)

Elizabeth said...

Haha - took me a few moments to work out how they worked, doh! But I get it now, very clever!