Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I feel like crying!

Well, the good news is that Blogger seems to have corrected itself overnight, and I am now using the NEW EDITOR!  YAY!  Simoney told me that installing Mozilla Firefox might help, but so far I haven't needed it (I'm going to keep that tip up my sleeve for future reference though - thanks Simoney!).  I also found out how to change the date stamp on my blog so it actually shows the time I post now, instead of the day before (i.e. American time).  Thanks Elizabeth!  I had a go at changing it months ago and couldn't find the right time zone (Auckland, rather than NZ, duh) so now I am finally 'in the zone.'  Horray for bloggers in the know who are happy to share their discoveries!

This is all making me feel a little better.  I still want to cry, though.  It's my slippers.  The old ones died in a big way.  Some super-duper glue held them together for a few weeks.  A second attempt lasted a few days and I have finally had to give up on them completely.  This is not the problem.  I knew they were on their way out and they were nasty cheap synthetic things anyway.  It was a good excuse to find a decent pair. 

I must say that it feels really odd walking around with toasty warm ankles, but freezing cold, achy feet!  I get really cold feet and hands, so slippers are a must have item for me.  I even take them out visiting with me.  Frequently.  Life group, my parents or parents-in-law, basically anywhere the protocol is to take your shoes off, you would often find me with my slippers tucked under my arm, walking up the front path to the house.   My other issue is that I get really sore feet.  Blame genetics.  None of my family have much, ah, meat on our feet.  Skin and bone.  And small.  Mine are very small (I take a 2-5 depending on where it was made!).  So at the moment I am resorting to wearing my track shoes inside the house, and just trying to keep them clean.  They keep my feet from being sore, but are still not so 'hot' in the warmth department.

The reason I feel like crying is that I am now on slipper trial number three.  #3.  I ordered 2 pairs last time from a mail order place (because to buy anything in sheepskin locally was going to cost $150 and I have half that to spend!), having carefully checked their sizing and working out that my 21cm feet should fit either an XL or an XXL (kids sizes!).  The XL was too small.  The XXL was a good fit, but there was something wrong with the right sole just underneath the pad of the foot, making it too uncomfortable for me to wear.  So I sent them both back, asking for a replacement XXL.  They arrived on Monday.  The thing is that they seem to be a size smaller than the last pair!  My toes are jammed in the ends.  It is rather uncomfortable.  They are lovely chocolate brown ugg boots, soft and fluffy inside, sit just above the ankle...pretty much everything I am wanting.  Except not the right size.  The tag says they are an XXL.  Big sigh.  Really, really big sigh.  Don't cry over slippers; they are really not worth the effort.  But I just want it sorted.  Now.  Actually, what I wanted was the right pair to turn up on Monday.  Grrr!  Now I have to go back to the company again and find out what is going on.  I don't want to talk to them.  I just want to wear my slippers. 



MaxineD said...

Hugs - sorry to hear the hassles you are having!!

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh - hope you get those slippers sorted soon!