Sunday, June 12, 2011

The List Update and Five Sevenths of a Blanket

I thought that I had better be honest and tell you all how I've gotten on with The List (yes, I did think about just pretending I'd forgotten all about it!).  I study for exams this week you see, so The List will have to go on the backburner.  Of course I have not accomplished nearly what I hoped to.  But I have taken my son to the beach a few times, made some meals for friends in need, and had a few afternoon naps (but sadly only a few!).  I'm okay with the lower progress.  I did make progress, which is important for me so I feel like I've at least accomplished something even if not everything (like I EVER get everything on my list done!).

Dining Chairs
Check.  Done.  Finito!  Horray!  In use and still in one piece.  Should last us ages now.  Pats on the backs all round.

Chook Cage
Frame is nearly finished.  Taking a lot longer than anticipated.  This is a MUCH larger project than I realised.  Got the last wood yesterday but too wet to saw so have to wait (ugh, I hate waiting! The upside of the waiting though is that I am here instead!).  After framing, I will need to paint it all.  Then put on the wire.  Then the ply.  Then organise feeders.  Then get the chooks.  Oh, after moving it to The Big Garden on the trailer of course.

Munchkin's Birthday
Over.  Went well.  Took photos for posterity's sake.  Ate party food for the next few days.  Still have decorations and balloons on our ceiling (Munchkin really likes them).  Suppose we should take them down soonish.  Sigh.

Emergency Kit
Moved bottles and refilled.  Have found container, and am slowly adding one or two things to it each month.  Batteries are on next month's list.  And kerosene for the little camping gas burner.

Selling stuff on Trademe (ebay)
Currently listed.  Still have a couple more things to add though, and of course all the work of posting things, etc once they sell.  Trying to keep Munchkin out of the box of sale stuff.

Crocheting Blanket
DONE!  I wanted to do half a blanket.  I've done MORE than that.  Five Sevenths to be exact.  I now have eight squares left, then have to crochet the final 16 onto the blanket.  Should be do-able before September.  I was so pleased with myself, I just had to take photos.  Doesn't it look so happy?!

Zipped money bags
Delayed.  What else can I say?  They are on the priority list, but have to wait for the chook cage as I need chookies in there in spring.  Maybe by my October holidays???

Tidy Garden
Nothing new here since I wrote The List.  Except it looks like all my carefully transplanted strawberry plants have died.  No idea why.  Unless it was the compost, but it was mixed into the soil and the plants started out with nice new leaves.  Grrrrr.  Yet another job for me to do (try seeing if there are any runners at the Big Garden I can have).  No potato cage yet either.  I forgot.  I do have a few months before needing to use it at least.  Have asked our landlord if they can see about trimming driveway (it is not actually our unit but the other one that has the overhanging plants as I did ours last year).  Decided I don't have time and actually, it is not really my job anyway.

So there you have it.  The List is still very much in progress.  I now also need to organise new bootees and pj pants for the Munchy in the next month or so (before his feet go through the current ones), and hopefully new sleep suits too (because his feet ARE going though those)...difficult because he is now taller than the average store-bought sleep suit.  Grin. 

Any special projects on the go at your place this month?

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MaxineD said...

Well done on your achievements!! no special projects apart from bug-dodging!!