Thursday, November 24, 2011


After reading a recent post by Elizabeth which included her very helpful girl, I was reminded of all the ways Munchkin has been helping us around the house lately.  While not including putting away the dishes, as Button does, the list is still extensive...

Taking the tripod inside after family photos.

Helping feed the chickens!

Baking! Note for Mummy: next time put a plastic mat down before bringing out the flour!

Helping build the chook cage. Seen here holding the hinge, Munchkin also tried putting screws in before tipping them all over the floor. Twice. Or was it more than that??!

Helping Daddy (and Mummy) move some boxes from the conservatory to the garage, using the dolls pram Mummy had as a little girl.

Then there are the times when he is more interested in what we are doing than actually helping out...
"I wonder if I lean forward far enough if I can reach the water in the bottom?"

"I'm brushing my hair while Mummy tries to give me a haircut. The brush feels nice! Who cares about cutting my hair?!"

And finally, there are the times when we are helped whether we want help or not (usually NOT)!
"Munchkin, we don't need a hat, darling. Let go, please."

"Oh, thank you dear. I don't really need any potatoes at the moment, but that is very helpful of you."

Hmmm. For some reason he decided that all the groceries needed to be OFF the shelf and IN the half-made chook cage!

Onions. What more can I say? The whole house stank. After Munchkin's peeling, all that remained can be seen on the left.

We decided we don't want any more help with the onions. We do actually like onions in our dinner, after all.

And one last story for you:
One day last week we returned home from a late afternoon walk.  Munchkin walked straight into the kitchen, reached over our new barrier seen above, and grabbed the sultana tin.  He then walked over to his daddy in the dining area, handed him the tin and promptly sat on his bottom.  Expectantly.  He knows the drill.  He often gets sultanas, frozen peas or corn in his special wobbly bowl while dinner is cooking.  The sultana tin is now living further back in the cupboard, away from small, determined fingers.  At least until Munchy works out another way to get hold of it!



Elizabeth said...

Awww = what a cutie! And so helpful... we get the potato drill every night also (plus she is determined to 'help' with the vacuuming these days also - grrr)!

He is looking more and more like his Dad though!

MaxineD said...

Oh the joys of 'helpful' toddlers ;-).
I couldn't help thinking how much he looks like Boyo in the photo with his face covered in flour!
What a little toughie in the box moving photos!

Aynsley said...

All the wonderful things we have to look forward too!