Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Party Time?

I have finished the year of study, at last.

I'm now half way through my degree!

It feels a little like an anticlimax.  I was sick for the last week you see, and sat my final exam without any study.  I felt rather ticked.  Ticked that my body couldn't have held out for just one week longer, but anyway, I am exhausted, but getting better.  The exam was okay.  I had passed the paper through my assignment work so at least I wasn't lying in bed, stressing over it all week.  Nope, not me.  I was asleep.  A lot.  At least when I wasn't writhing from aching muscles and fever, or coughing.  Boyo had to come to my rescue and look after Munchkin for most of the week, but we made it through, I sat the exam and now have some time off to recover.  Yay for time off!

So.  I am halfway through my degree. Two and a half years of hard, hard slog.  Studying every day of the week some weeks, late at night some, early morning others.  All while either pregnant or looking after Munchkin.  No wonder I feel like it has been a marathon effort.  The thing is I'm still only half way.  Still three more years to go.  Four even.  I'm taking next year off.  I can take next year, and next year only to recuperate before continuing.  Education degrees have time limits.  So do scholarships.  And in all honesty, it is really good they do, otherwise it might just land itself in the 'too hard' basket and remain an unfinished business, which would be a shameful waste of so much hard work!

I feel like I should be celebrating.  Putting on some make up perhaps (that tells you how big a celebration it is - I didn't even put make up on for our family photos this year, I wear it so infrequently!).  Dressing up nice.  Going out for a nice meal, getting a bunch of flowers and a card.  But instead, I just feel relieved. 

Kind of like winning the Rugby World Cup a few weeks back.  No yells of exstacy and delight.  No high fives.  We sat there, gulping deep breaths, trying to still our pulpitating hearts.  Wishing for sedatives so we could go to sleep after such a nailbiting game.  Black is the colour of relief.  Or so our local newspaper said.

So that's what I feel like now.  I want to celebrate.  Really, I do.  But it is so much effort.  I'm tired.  I think I might just make do with a deep sigh and an early night snuggled in my bed.  I can't even pamper myself with a sleep in.  I'm still getting up at 5:30 half the week and 6:30am the other a new cleaning job to help with summer expenses which has to be done before the business opens in the mornings.  But then, even if I didn't, there would still be the Munchkin waiting for his breakfast!

Bit of an anticlimax all round really.  But at least I made it here.


ps - you might not hear from me regularly for the rest of the month.  I'm trying to sleep every afternoon at the moment, and go to bed nice and early to try and get over the nasty bug I've had.  Plus the brain space is a bit fuzzy all round, to be honest.  But I will be back.  I have to show you my finished chook cage and little ladies so I'll definitely be back!!!  They are gorgeous, by the way.  And I'm already redesigning the chook cage in my head...fuzzily, but I just can't help myself.  Grin.


Elizabeth said...

Yay that it is finally over... go and enjoy your sleep!

Aynsley said...

Oh Amy I can so sympathise. I don't think I ever finished a year of my under grad degree without falling down in a big heap. One year it was chicken pox, another year was a run of debilitating migraines and another year was severe vomitting for almost 3 days! Take care and give yourself some time to recoup! You surely deserve it.

MaxineD said...

Thankfully you have a holiday of sorts for a few weeks.. and once the worst of this bug is over and your head clears, I am sure the wordsmith will re-surface.