Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The sprog (aka Munchkin) is asleep but due to wake anytime soon...

In case you are wondering if I am still here on planet earth, well I am.  Just a bit snowed under.

Chook cage is still not finished.  We pick up chooks Saturday!!!!!  Very excited, but also stressed out of my tree trying to finish the cage.  Dad's been hard at work on their cage so at least our little girls will have somewhere to live if I don't make it, but I am so sick of building and fixing mistakes like the wire I cut too short when the tape measure retracted and I didn't realise yesterday so have had to scrounge for another bit of wire that I really just want to be done! Oh, and finding more materials I forgot I needed like the screws I had to buy today for the door hinges. 

Feeling frustrated a lot due to the messyness of the cage...or rather my lack of understanding of the timber, materials, processes to put things together, etc...this bit has extra ply tacked on the bottom - the ply was a bit too short and I couldn't work out how to fix that in the design process.  The next bit is the ladder - with two different types of nails 'cos the first ones managed to pop right out again (too short) so I got 2 more lots (one too long, and the other okay!).

Had glitch in my planning on Friday morning when I jammed my finger in car door.  OUCH!  Very ouch.  Spent 1.5hrs on couch with frozen peas and then frozen corn before being able to make it vertical again.  Little left pinky, it is.  Currently bandaged and doing well, but typing is tricky and I've hurt right wrist doing cleaning jobs without help of left hand.  Boyo and Munchkin even came and vacuumed for me on Saturday for the job I couldn't do Friday.  They did amazingly with Munchy on Daddy's back, not bumping into or grabbing anything!  Haven't been up to doing much hammering, drilling, or otherwise the past few days.

Finished assignment (final one) on Friday afternoon typing four fingered.  Very relieved.  One exam to do next Saturday (12th). 

Vege garden growing great guns!  Will have to show you sometime soonish.

Started some part-time work to help our summer budget (no student allowance over summer)...up at 5:15am 5 days a week, with Boyo getting up with Munchkin while I'm out and doing the dressed/breakfasted routine (I only do 1-1.5hrs work).  Did groceries today, me and the 'boys'.  So good to have stocked cupboards and it all put away!

So that's me.  Hope you are doing well.  I will be back!



MaxineD said...

Oh Amy - what a character building exercise this is proving to be. do hope your wee finger heals quickly - so small and yest it affects so much of our lives when it does not work properly. (1 Cor 12:26).

Elizabeth said...

Well despite your busy-ness, you still manage to post more often than me :-)!