Thursday, October 27, 2011

I might be a wool addict

I've been trying to get some more wool for a few weeks.  I popped into our local (NEW!!!) Spotlight store a few weeks back but wool was sparse and not on sale so I came home empty-handed. I wondered if I'd manage to get any, seeing as summer is on the way and knitting probably in decline for most over the warmer months.

Then a week or two later I thought I'd just drop in again.  I'd not had a flier, so wasn't exactly expecting a sale.  But I thought I'd just ask God if wool could be on sale for me please, so I didn't have to make yet another trip back (I was buying yet another batch of nails for the chook cage at the nearby Mega10 but that's another story!).

Well, you should have seen me.  Oh, for a video camera.  I stood there and read the sign, then reread it.  Outloud.  30% off all wool!  Seriously.  There it was, bold as day, staring right back at me from the wool display rack.  I think I ended up with 15 balls of wool by the time I'd sorted through the colour options, picked some, changed my mind multiple times, put wool back, took it out again, put it back again, and kept telling Munchy that Mummy was nearly finished!  Poor baby, I am not known as a decisive shopper.

I am now knitting a gorgeous bright orange square and loving the colour change!  I'm quietly hoping that this will now be enough to finish a blanket.  Hoping.  But either way, it's nice to have more wool.  I am wondering if I might be a wool addict.  Hmm. 


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MaxineD said...

what fun!!
BTW you can get the Spotlight blurb/catalogs online. :-)