Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walking the Talk

A few weeks ago we went on a walk.

Now, you might be wondering what the big deal is. If you know Boyo, Munchy, and myself, you would know that we walk frequently. People are often surprised at how far, how often, and what weather we will walk in. Walking is part of our lifestyle. It's good for us, good for the environment, and quite frankly, it is something we love doing. To borrow a quote from Pride and Prejudice, "Walking is very beneficial exerise." Walking is also good for the soul. Feeling the breeze, listening to the birds, and having time to think, relax and recharge. Ah. Walking.

But this walk was different. Special.


We were walking with a friend. We met her on the City to Surf walk and went part of the way with her. She was participating in the 12km walk in order to raise money for Tear Fund's Famine Relief Appeal. You know, the people in the Horn of Africa who are in severe drought and famine? She was walking for them. No one set her up for it. She just felt like she needed to do something, and as a Uni student didn't feel like she had much to give. So she decided to walk, and ask others to give. She raised $448.80!!!

We heard about Eve's walk through church. I wanted to donate, partly because I've been reading and hearing about how severe the famine in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya is and wanted to help. But there was another reason too, and in all honestly, this one was more personally compelling. I wanted to encourage Eve. I figured she had done something really brave, deciding to do such a long walk. Then to ask people to sponsor her, well that was extra brave! Asking people for money is never easy. Choosing to sacrifice for someone else is hard and I think we should honour those among us who do. In the Bible there's a verse that says we should not stop spuring one another on towards good deeds. Very true, I think. We should always be encouraging each other, patting one another on the back when we do something well or something good. Coming up with more creative ways to help each other.

So we walked with Eve as well as making a small donation to Tear Fund. I got a few photos along the way of the runners and walkers, the views, and of course, Eve's cool tshirt (made by one of her friends - another person honouring her commitment to help those in need!).

It was a fabulous morning and I'm really glad we did it! We even skipped church to go. Somehow it felt like God would be okay with that!


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MaxineD said...

Well done Amy - and Eve.