Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Which Country is that (Free Rice September)

Free Rice for September saw a marked increase on August.  Not that it was hard (considering I'd not done ANY in August!).

My total?

Of that, 1,150 was not vocabulary. 
I'd noticed that they have increased the options available to play.  You can now learn some Spanish, German, Italian or French through Free Rice!  As well as vocab, you can now test your skills in Literature, Famous Paintings, Chemical Symbols, Multiplication, Basic Maths, Flags of the World, World Capitals, and Identifying Countries.

I had a go at Identifying Countries on the Map.  Thought it would be quite hard.  I was surprised at how much of my rusty geography from high school is still somewhere in the recesses of my brain!  It was a little bit addictive.  As  you might be able to tell, considering I only played it one night this month!  Usually I just stick to vocabulary, as part of my aim is to get as much rice in as short a timeframe as possible, but I'm thinking I might just have to head back to Country Finding again sometime soon.  So tell me, do you know where Tunisia is?  How about Georgia?  Or Yemen?  Or Lithuania?  Costa Rica?  Haiti?  Kenya?  Have a go, you might find it really interesting!

I'm thinking I might see how much of my very basic high school Spanish is still hanging around next time I feel in the mood.  Learn a bit more.  I have a friend who speaks Spanish with her boy, so it could come in quite handy.  Grin.


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MaxineD said...

I have tried the country option and found it intriguing.