Monday, October 17, 2011

Shower Power

I have been wanting to get Munchkin a new plastic mat for awhile.  His current fish mat has seen better days.  It still works for potty-sitting, but is breaking along all the fold lines.  I went to Spotlight.  A plastic mat there would cost me over $30. 

Then we went to the Warehouse.  I was actually looking for clothes, but surprise, surprise, didn't find any (I loathe clothes shopping, it is so hard to get anything that works for me!!!).  Instead, Munchkin had fun running round with a tot's trolley while I chased the waving flag on top (at least they are tall enough that you can see them over top of racks of clothing!). 

"Is this a good size for me, do you think?!"
Then we ended up in the bathroom aisle. 

"Ah, hah."  thought me.  A shower curtain would work as a plastic floor mat for painting or playdough, surely.  Look what we found!  It is a map of the world, labelled!  Fabulous!  And it cost $12.  YES!

It has already provided entertainment to both the Munchkin and Mummy and I'm looking forward to hours spent either painting, gluing, eating, etc on it, and of course learning all about the different countries of the world!



MaxineD said...

I was even more miserly - Boyo and his sister had to make do with black builders polythene!!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome - such a cool plastic 'mat'!!!