Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spring is Here, Outdoors and In

With warmer weather making an appearance, Munchkin and I have been gardening.  While we usually spend some time outside every day (unless windy and bucketing with rain!), we have been spending even more out there lately.  I will have to get some more photos for you!  Munchkin is discovering the joys of dirt (and how much fun it is to throw clods of it into the wheelbarrow and watch them break!).  He is learning how to use the brand new watering can.  He is picking daisys and dandelions from the lawn.  And violas too from the garden, which I keep trying to convince him to leave alone!  The strawberry plants are covered with netting: he has yet to discover their flowers.

Recent activity has seen a whole lot of old lawn clippings dumped onto a 1m2 area of the small vege garden. 

I moved a whole lot of self sown violas out of the pebbles and into the narrow garden beside the driveway.  Hopefully they will be happier there.  I also dug out all bar one of the Italian parsley that has been very happily going to seed.  It was kind of swamping the whole pot!  I will probably collect seed from the remaining one, seeing as I'm already on my second germination attempt from last years bought seed acket.

 A few gems I found alongside the driveway recently, and just had to bring inside.


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MaxineD said...

Isn't spring lovely - my carrots are showing through now, and the spring onions and tomatoes are germinating, but no sign of the beans yet.