Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not Fair

It's not fair.

You may recall my ponderings around Fair Trade bananas a few months back?  We have been buying, and loving All Good Bananas.

But we have had to stop.  Back to stock standard, stingy bananas for us.

I console myself with the thought that this is just a temporary set back in my quest for a fairer world! 

But I am still gutted.  I just keep wondering how I'd feel if facing those who grow the bananas I eat, and having to tell them that we can't afford to pay them a decent working wage, when I know we have so much more than those people may ever hope to have.  But our grocery budget has been over budget again and again over the past few months.  The bananas are just part of the issue.  But they at least we have the ability to economise on.  I am eating less of them too.  Somehow they just don't taste as good as the Fair Trade ones.  I am not kidding.  All Good Bananas seriously taste better, and keep longer! 

But I digress.  Our grocery budget is strained.  Boyo has cut back his juice intake (on weetbix for breakfast) to the point he is barely having any - it is more water than juice.  We have been trying Munchkin on cows milk for his lunchtime milk feed...not completely happy with that as he has a rash under his chin I'm keeping an eye on, and seems very coughy/coldy/chesty but then it is so hard to tell if that is just the usual run-of-the-mill bugs that have been doing the rounds or that he is more susceptible due to too much dairy.  Ugh.

Life is so not fair.  We have grand dreams and schemes, but so often that is not how things pan out.  I know we are truly blessed to live where and how we do, but I still sometimes find myself wishing we had more income, more fruit, more this, more that.  Or less.  Less baby-waking-up-in-the-night, less pollution, less stress, less assignments.  Never a perfect world, or a perfect day I guess.  I guess we just choose how we face the day and circumstances that we are given.  So for now, we are buying standard bananas again.  But I have hopes that maybe come Autumn we can go back to Fair Trade again, if we don't have to buy much other fruit and veges.



MaxineD said...

Life rarely turns out how we want it too - or dream we want it too, but the main thing is our response to it - as I am still learning!

Elizabeth said...

I have to admit to feeling life was unfair - until I read Kris' latest post... suddenly 5am starts seem ok - as I know I'll still be around when those teeth come through and she starts sleeping well again.

Suddenly life feels like life again...

Sorry - don't mean to put a damper on your post; just wanted to say I understood but now it doesn't seem so bad.