Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cheers to That!

Slugs.  Who needs 'em, right?

I certainly don't.

Here's to dead slugs.  Cheers!

Yes, that is me with a bottle of beer.  And no, I did not drink any of it.  Never will.  I hate the smell of beer.  I am really glad my man is not a beer drinker.

But beer has its uses.  Slugs like beer.  They might even like it more than many kiwi men.  Maybe...(the jury is out on that one as I can't actually ask a slug how much they like beer!).

I don't want my lettuces, cucumbers, broccoli, or anything else eaten by slugs.  They have already killed a perfectly lovely lebanese cucumber plant and hacked into a zucchini (I have no idea why they are going for these above the juicy succulent lettuce leaves nearby!).  The theory is that if I put a little bit of beer in the bottom of a glass jar the slugs will be wooed by the sweet, yeasty scent and plunge headlong to their doom, drowning in their own obsession.  Cheers to that!  Death to all slugs!  Gross!  But it beats squishing them with my fingers every night.

I would extend that slogan to include "Death to all snails," only I find it much harder to wish snails dead.  The problem is that they look cute.  And I used to keep them as pets when I was a kid.  We had snail races.  I kid you not.  They were really quite exciting; you should try it sometime!  Snails are not as lazy as their reputation may lead you to believe.  I do squash them in the garden, but only if they are inside their shells...if their little antena are poking out at me I feel so remorseful that I just can't bring myself to crunch!  Hopefully the beer will do the deed for me.  Cheers to that!

I'm trying all avenues to combat the munching thieves this spring.  I squish and squash.  I booze them up.  And I Quash (garden, pet, and baby friendly slug bait - I pop it into a glass jar lying on its side in the very middle of the garden so that hopefully Munchy won't even realise it is there).  It might cost more than 'regular' slug bait, but the peace of mind is worth it.

And finally, cheers to a fruitful garden.  One in which most of the produce makes it to human consumption.  I don't mind sharing a few mouthfuls here and there.  The problem is that the local munchers don't seem to agree that a mouthful or two is enough and I do insist on getting some return for all my hard work!  I have no desire to run a free slug hotel!


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MaxineD said...

Cheers to your cheerful post too! and happy boozing to the slugs and snails!