Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thirteen and more!

More squares completed.  I am wondering if I am keeping up.  I know I need to knit about a square per week in order to complete a blanket in a year (it's actually just over that, but who's being picky!).

I enjoyed working with the bright colours in this batch.  Boyo and I both like the black square in the bottom photo best.  But I was annoyed that I ran out of black with just 2 rows left to do and had to make the last colour strip wider!  Not that anyone else will probably ever notice (Did you notice?  Please tell me you did not!).



MaxineD said...

Of course i did not notice until you mentioned it :-)

Elizabeth said...

Haha - yep! BUT it is the bottom row so it's just 'meant to be like that'!!!!!