Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Okay, so I know it's a bit early.  Like four months early.  But this is my birthday present this year.  Per usual.
26 balls of delightful wool.

Spotlight had them on sale, 20% off.  Then there was that $40 off a $100 spend voucher.  Which meant these little beauties cost around $2.40 a ball.  That's about as cheap as I EVER get wool (unless someone gives it to me, of course!).

Really loved seeing some more colours in the range this year.  There were some nice muted ones (I got an apricot - top right above a red ball there) as well as the brighter ones I usually choose for the blankets.

Now I just need the other half.  Grin.  Not likely to be happening any time soon.  I was only able to get these because I had some money stashed for other things that we could 'borrow' from...bit tight after the big move.  I won't scare you with how much that cost, just suffice to say we are very glad that we run a tight budget else we wouldn't have been able to move at all.  So I am grateful I was able to get this wool.  Not that I'm knitting much at present, but I do hope to rectify that just as soon as I have a bit more spare time!  Something to look forward to.

I've decided on two other things to add to my birthday wish list for this year.  A compost bin and some table cloths.  Sound exciting?  They are!  We had a compost bin at our old place, but that belonged to the landlords so we no longer have one and I'm finding that while the worm farm, chooks, and guinea pigs can use up a fair bit of food scraps, they are still struggling to keep up with soup making, feijoa skins, etc.  Plus of course there's the garden weeds to deal with.  I'd quite like one like my mother-in-law's...they seem to work quite well, not too cumbersome, and aren't a fortune to buy either.  My parent's bin is useless.  Takes years to compost anything and is terrible to move.  Our landlord's one was okay.  Not spectacular, just okay.

And the tablecloths, well that's because I'd like to focus more on having our table as 'sacred' to the sharing of meals.  In other words: get all the other *stuff* off it (I am being polite!).  I like my in-laws habit of setting the table with a cloth and cloth napkins.  It just makes even a simple meal seem a bit special, like we care that we are eating together.  Plus it teaches my son good habits. And I am increasingly finding that I hate visual mess.  Sitting at a table that has piles of paper and assorted other things stacked down an end, beside my elbow, really doesn't do much for my sense of peace or contentment.  Sitting at a table that looks nice, however, does.  Add some candles every once in a while and it is almost decadent.  So, all this to say that I'd like to have some basic gingham tablecloths.  The sort that you don't worry if you get beetroot on.  Because of course it is always beetroot that you spill!  The sort that can be thrown in the wash with the tea towels or clothes, and require no special treatment.  My current table cloths are very precious, either heirlooms from my grandparents or a wedding gift from my husband's family.  I have only one basic one.  So some basic tablecloths.  Add some matching napkins and I really will feel like I am living in the lap of luxury.  Of course, I should feel like that anyway.  Owning a table is a privilege that many people don't get, after all.
I am blessed. I have a table, and a large stash of wool!  Yay.



MaxineD said...

Thank you for the compliment on the table setting :-) And for the ideas for gifts. Beetroot juice is remove - it's the tomato that stains :-)
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha - yay, happy birthday to you!