Sunday, May 5, 2013

Forty four year olds and me!

Tomorrow it begins.

Four weeks with nearly forty four year olds.

Oh my.

Our house is kind of organised.  Kind of.  Just don't look in any of the cupboards, and definitely do NOT enter the garage!

I am writing while my son has a bath.  Horror of horrors, I am on my laptop in the bathroom.  Ouch, sounds like a 'terrible parent' moment.  Oh well, he doesn't want to get out yet (he's been singing and drumming to Daddy's dishes-washing music), and I just haven't had time otherwise to write.  Too much else to do.

I think we are ready.  As ready as we're going to be.  The boy is primed.  He knows where he is going tomorrow at least.

My bag is mostly packed.  Breakfast is made.  Lunch is half made.  So now to get the boy into bed, followed by me!

As an aside, I stood before my over-crowded bench this evening (very limited bench space, to discuss in another post!) and surveyed my large crockpot of chilli con carne.

"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, she had so much chilli con carne she didn't know what to do."

Of course my husband wanted to know if that means I think I'm an old woman now!  Grin.  Hmm....might need to rearrange the freezer (again).

Hope your next few weeks go well.  See you sometime when I'm not being covered in paint, required to research bugs on the internet, or make scones with my bunch of crazy, busy, beautiful, amazing cherubs.  Or being asked to read with my one and only.



Elizabeth said...

Been thinking of you...

You'll be great and will LOVE it!

So stoked you got to move first, a little less stress to deal with while going through the practicum!

Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!

MaxineD said...

All the best - Do hope you can freeze all the surplus chilli con carne!
I look forward to hearing how you all survive the next four weeks!
Love and blessings