Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We make a great team, Boyo and I.

I know it, yet I totally take it for granted. I forget that we balance each other out so well.  His optimism.  My realism.  His vision, my step-by-step process.  His strong muscles, my organisation.

But then I take him for granted too!

My beloved husband is currently out at nine thirty at night collecting a (hopefully large!) pile of boxes.

We move tomorrow.  Bit of a whirlwind adventure, this.  More on that at some future date...not quite sure when, I guess that will depend on how long it takes to unpack, but suffice to say we are very pleased to have found somewhere nice to move to, but also very busy doing the all important work of moving.  As we've only known a week we needed to move, things are a little, ah, hectic.  A triffle disorganised, perhaps?  For our usually organised household at any rate.  There's been no time to pack ahead, or clean ahead, or even spray the weeds in the garden.  It is all go.  By late Sunday, we hope to have left this (our old place) clean and tidy.  Not quite sure how long the settling in at the other end is going to take!

Today, Boyo has spent the afternoon taking car load after car load of boxes to the new place.  It's just down the road.  I am SO grateful!  Meanwhile, I packed more boxes for him!  Just in case he didn't have enough already.  Grin.

Earlier, he called our internet/phone provider and Studylink.  I called our power provider and insurance.

We've been taking turns with Munchkin too (not that it's unusual for us to do this, but the effects have just been more obvious as we've each done moving/packing stuff when the other is with the boy, rather than our usual study!).  It was my turn this morning while Daddy was out and again when Munchkin woke from his afternoon sleep (Daddy needed a rest after taking all those boxes round, so Munchy helped me with some shopping).  Then Daddy and Munchkin played this evening while dinner (pies!) cooked and Mummy did some more packing.  Then Daddy took yet another load to the new place while I got Munchkin ready for bed, then I headed over to do a few bits there while Daddy held the fort here.  I suspect Munchkin will need some good crazy Daddy time by the end of tomorrow.  There's something about Daddy time.  It reaches heights that Mummy time never seems to get near (at least for us this is the case - Daddy is far more daring than Mummy in the 'fun' department!). 

We make such a great team.

And I'm SO glad that we started packing as soon as we knew we needed to move.  What a HUGE difference it is making.  Boyo came home with like thirty chippie boxes last Thursday.  They've all been used.  Hence the trip tonight, as we've still got heaps to pack up yet.

Tomorrow is the big day.  Munchkin gets to visit a friend (horray for friends, horray!).  I go and vaccum and wipe the new house.  Boyo organises 'the gang' of volunteers helping move the furniture from the old.  And we see how things go from there!  Hopefully by the end of the day we will have moved everything.  Hopefully.  But you probably wont' hear either way, because we have to get (yet another) new modem as our (only twelve month old) current one apparently doesn't work on the new network plan or something (GRRRRR).  I'll be in touch.  Sometime.  Maybe next week, maybe in a few more.  I've got my Teaching Experience coming up too, another reason I'm so glad we can move right away (much better just before than during placement).  Another reason I'm so glad we make a great team.  Boyo will be doing a lot more cooking during Prac.  Not a task he relishes at all.  I usually tell people my husand cooks once a week under cooercion, pain of suffering, or some such thing!  But he is wonderful, and taking up the challenge regardless.  I'm so proud to be doing life with him.

And now I have a chicken to shred for our chicken roll lunch tomorrow.  Then I think it is time for some sleep.  Early morning tomorrow!  I am going to pray for non-moving related dreams tonight.  Or better yet, none at all!



MaxineD said...

So glad you have found such a great place and so close. Praying for fine weather for you tomorrow.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

So easy to take for granted...

Do it all the time, a good reminder of just how blessed we both are!