Sunday, April 7, 2013


Look what delightful things arrived in my mail box recently!!!


Oh, how I do love fabric.

The feel of it...I just love that fabric can feel so different, from soft and fluffy to gritty and course, smooth and slick, to knobbly and wobbly.  Fabric feels delightful.  I really mustn't shop for fabric with my son.  I am a very bad influence.  Do not touch, I tell him.  All the time.  Yet what do I do, just as soon as I step into a fabric store?  I touch EVERYTHING.  I stroke.  I rub.  I just let my hand glide over as I walk past.  Ahhh, the feel of fabric.

And then the look of it.  So many patterns.  Some tiny and intricate.  Some patterns defined by their near absence while others almost scream at you, "Look at me!"

This little stash was sent to me by a fabric lover, of course.  A fabric lover who has undertaken the difficult task of culling.  Ah, such a hard thing to do, as any lover of fabric will well know.

But I am glad.  Glad that she was able to do it, to free up some space and let go.  But mostly, I'm glad because I got to have it!  Hehe.  So while one person creates free space, another now has a little stash waiting on the sewing desk because I haven't worked out quite where to put it in the cupboard yet!

I do, however, know what I will be using it for.  Bags.  And maybe skirts.  Lots of bags.  Big bags for books.  Little bags for marbles or hairties.  Bags with polkadots and bags with flowers, bags with stripes, and bags with swirls.  Possibly even some patchwork bags, a mix of a bit of this with a bit of that, stripes here and spots there.

They will be loved, whatever their pattern and texture of that I am sure.  Loved because they will probably be the only bag their owner possesses.  I am making bags for Operation Christmas Child.  And if I happen to find some matching fabric on sale (or via donation!), I might make a couple of gorgeous little skirts.  I know how to now, having made myself four...very easy to replicate that, and the only other thing I'll need is some elastic for the waists.  But all this creativity is going to have to wait.  I have study to do, lots of study.  Study which I enjoy, so I don't find missing out on sewing too arduous.  I will simply find a spot for my delightful new stash in my sewing cupboard.  And dream about the bags I will make come summer.  Lots and lots of bags.


ps - A big THANK YOU to my fabric giver, you are awesome and your delightful fabric will be well-used and well-loved!


MaxineD said...

Hmm - I remember when I used to shop for fabric by post, and loved it when a new selection arrived for me to peruse.
Blessings and love

Elizabeth said...

Just not a fabric / wool person, really doesn't do much for me... but new books however, that I can understand! Pens as well - although not so much now I am blogging rather than journaling more!