Saturday, April 13, 2013

Going Bush

I like going bush.  I'm an outdoor kinda gal.  I wonder if people can tell that looking at me (just a thought I had right now, hmmm)?  We had a whole heap of plans for this weekend which all sadly fell through due to illness (not ours, but those we were to be with).

Boyo had already booked holiday leave from work.  I'd already rearranged to be free this weekend.
So we decided we'd better still make the most of a Saturday together as a family, as these are such a rare occurrence.

We went bush.  Ahhhh.  I really miss heading out into the bush.  Even with our young fella jumping and chattering and asking for piggy backs, it was so nice.

A friend had told me about a nice short loop walk, easy enough for a three year old.  Also close enough to drive there, walk, and be home for lunch and afternoon naps.  And it even had toilets.  Excellent.  It sounded just right for us.

And it was.

We stopped partway along our walk to eat some morning tea.  Chocolate thin biscuits, a special treat for today (we don't normally have bought biscuits).  Then afterwards, we each had a flavoured milk, another treat.  Slurp, slurp, slurp.  Those two simple things, costing $5 in total, helped make it feel like a special occasion.  Yay for treats!

We were visited by a little robin on our chocolate thin break, and then had the delight of seeing a Tomtit back at the picnic area.  Such a delightful little bird.  I so wanted to run and get my camera, but I've learnt from experience that if you so much as breathe with many New Zealand birds, you will miss any chance you just had of watching them.  So Munchkin and I stayed and watched as the little bird tweeted and fluttered around for a minute or two before disappearing again into the bush.

The robin - best photo I could manage in the dark under-story of the forest

Next time, I'm taking the 'big' camera...we got some rather interesting shots on the little Cannon as it struggled to cope with the lower lighting of a bush walk!  Some of them unintentionally quite amazing - this one makes me think of an impressionist painting!

It was a beautiful morning.  I'm sad that we didn't get to do our planned weekend, but really pleased we could have something so nice as a substitute.



MaxineD said...

It's lovely to hear that you made the most of the change of plans.
Lil'M is starting to improve, thankfully, but his throat is still sore and he is spotty :-(.
Love and blessings

Elizabeth said...

Stoked someone was able to get some good out of the situation... I'm still a tad sad when I think about it :-(!