Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beat That!

Got our Mercury Bill yesterday.
Boyo's words:  "Beat that!"

And well he might.  We are feeling a little virtuous and rather chuffed.  Not so much because our power use is low.  That's terrific, and awesome, and plenty of other splendid words.  More than that, it's how consistently low it's been.  See the last six lines there?  That's the last six months.  Every month pretty much the same.  Nice and low.  Even.  Very orderly.  Satisfying.  Very satisfying.  It is satisfying knowing that this means we've not had a month in which the air-conditioning unit was used much.  This despite it being a pretty hot summer for around here and our lounge windows facing north.  We've manged to use fans in the bedrooms and sometimes the lounge, with the occasional short burst of aircon in the late afternoons.  It is satisfying knowing that low power bills mean we got to spend that money in other ways.

Of course, we are not anticipating our power use to stay this low in the coming months.  I'm hoping that maybe April will be.  After that, it's going up.  How far up depends on how cold it gets, and also how wet.  If we have a sunny month, even though cold, our power use will be lower.  The sun heats our lounge late morning so we can go without the heater during most of the day.  But if it's cloudy or wet, we might not manage that.  Last winter we kept power use low by wrapping up in blankets in the evenings instead of using the heatpump, saving the power use for the panel heater in Munchkin's bedroom (necessary as he was getting asthmatic wheezing).  It will be interesting to see how this autumn, winter, and spring go.  I think I'd better get walking more regularly soon, I'm probably going to need the circulation boost!  Plus those fingerless gloves I've ordered.  Grin.



MaxineD said...

Well done - ours has been pretty 'flat' too the last few months - I will be interested to see if it has been as flat as yours :-).
Blessings and love

Aynsley said...

Wow - aren't low power bills great.We have noticed our bills being so much less now we are in our new house in Chch. Our power bill over the last 2 months has run at between 6 and 7.5 kWhr/day... the belssings of gas hot water! Even taking into account our gas usage (1 gas tank for 6 months costing ~$80)I don't think I would ever want to return to a hot water cylinder. It costs so much to heat water all day long. However with winter approaching I don't think it will stay as low as that though but it will be interesting to see how much it actually does increase by.

Elizabeth said...

Well done you...

We are so grateful to not have to pay our own power separately... despite having to pay it most of my adult life, I guess it'll be shock when we move again!